We all have friends and family members who are just too hard to buy for at Christmas. So what do you buy someone who simply has everything? The usual culprits are our parents, grandparents and even newlyweds, who have already been bombarded with presents off their wedding gift wish list.

When buying a joint present for a couple this Christmas, the assumption is often made that gifts should be something to do with love, like a sickly-sweet personalised photo frame engraved with their anniversary dates, or a wall hanging that says something about love being ‘all you need’. As thoughtful as this may seem, these kind of gifts just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

So here at SlumberSlumber, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas presents for couples.

 Wrap up with wool

Perfect for those who over heat in bed and for couples, wool fibres draw moisture away from the skin, creating an optimal temperature zone for a good night’s sleep. When sharing a bed, both individuals body temperature will be regulated separately as a result of wool’s natural fibres.

This Pure Australian Wool Bedding Set is the ideal option for cool sleepers and for use throughout the colder seasons. Wool is a natural wicking fibre with the added benefits of maintaining a low heart rate. A lower heart rate encourages deeper, more restful slumber, making wool the ideal solution for those that want to feel rested by morning.

This Wool Bed Set, from SlumberSlumber, offers breathable and temperature regulating luxury bedding at great value.

Pure Australian Wool Bedding Set from £94.99


Cozy up

Do you want your gift to keep your friends and family cosy this Christmas?

Whether it’s used as a blanket to cuddle up with, or a throw for your bed or sofa, this 100% wool throw is the perfect present. Available in Berry, Charcoal Lime, Green Beige or Vintage Grey, this is the ideal present to keep out the winter chill.

 Tweedmill Lifestyle Herringbone Pure New Wool Blanket £48.99


 Sleep as a King and Queen this Christmas

Why not surprise your loved ones with one of nature’s best-kept beauty secrets this Christmas – silk! This exquisite pure silk pillowcase is the ultimate luxury with superb anti-ageing skin care properties.

Silk is 100% natural and hypoallergenic, it contains a natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. Unlike traditional cotton pillowcases which draw moisture from your face and hair as you sleep, silk pillowcases allow your skin to retain its natural moisture.

Buy 2 Silk Pillowcases for £40.00 or £22.99 each, available in three silky colours; Ivory, Chocolate or Black.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 100% 19 momme, Ivory

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ivory


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