Campaign for Wool – Sleep like a Lamb

UK wool week is upon us and to celebrate here at SlumberSlumber, we are going to tell you why we love wool bedding and why you should too.

Wool has many natural wonders that make it the ideal type of bedding…. don’t believe us? Read on to find out why.

The University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Science recently carried out research relating sleep to bedding. Its results scientifically prove that wool bedding helps you get a better night’s sleep…. really! Research showed that wool bedding reduces your heart rate giving much deeper, more relaxed sleep.  In fact, test subjects got 25% more deep regenerative sleep – the type of sleep that gives you that refreshed feeling when you wake up.

Wool is also naturally resistant to dust mite allergies which worsen during the winter months.  Dust mite allergies can cause havoc to your health including symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, red, itchy eyes, and more recently has been said to be the main trigger for asthma, so not only does it help you sleep great, it also protects you too.

 Still not convinced?  How about the fact that wool regulates your body temperature so you stay at your perfect temperature throughout the night.  What makes it even better is that the intelligent wool fibre adapts separately for each person so if you share a bed and your partner is always hot and you are always cold or vice versa, wool will create the optimum temperature for each of you.  Clever, eh?

Fire-fighters wear wool clothing. Why? When wool touches a flame, it won’t ignite because wool fibres do not support combustion. Wool is also used in natural and organic mattresses to meet fire-safety codes without using toxic chemical flame retardants. You’re convinced now, right?

Here’s our SlumberSlumber top three woolly favs:

 Pure Australian Wool Duvet 500 

wool duvet

Luxurious, breathable and with a unique diamond quilted construction its wool filling will remain evenly spread throughout the night.

Penrose Luxury Alpaca Wool Pillow


Offering a superb balance between support and luxurious comfort this naturally anti-allergenic pillow is made with the finest British wool.

Pure Australian Wool Mattress Topper


This versatile mattress topper has a cool side for summer and a warm side for winter.  It also gives sumptuous and comfort.

Shop our SlumberSlumber wool edit now…


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