SlumberSlumber’s Definitive Guide to Surviving the Summer Heat Wave

Pretty girl awakening in the sunny morning.

With British temperatures continuing to soar and weather forecasts predicting August will be one of the hottest in 300 years with temperatures hitting 100F according to the Express, SlumberSlumber has  put together a definitive guide to sleeping in hot weather.

The influx of consistently high temperatures is something we’re not used to as Britons and many homes are not equipped to deal with the heat. During the day heat builds up with the result that homes are unbearably hot during the evening making it difficult to sleep. SlumberSlumber has a range of cooling products that will keep people cool all night long no matter how hot the temperatures rise to.

According to the Sleep Council in the UK getting a good night’s sleep is essential to health and well-being and most people need seven to eight hours sleep every night.  Sleep deprivation increases the risk of a number of very serious health conditions such as heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.  It also reduces productivity in the work place making it difficult to maintain mental alertness and concentration. 


Here’s our definitive guide to beating the heat this summer. 

  1. Down tog. Many of us don’t change our duvets regardless of the change in seasons. Now is the perfect time to opt for a lighter tog.  SlumberSlumber has a range of lighter weight duvets including a 3 tog duvet that is ideal for summer temperatures.
  2. Choose wool. Contrary to belief wool products help to regulate body temperature helping you to stay cool during the night. Wool is breathable so it gives lightness and comfort all year round.
  3. Try a chillow pillow. This unique cooling pad which is filled with cold water can be put directly on top of your pillow or inside the case. The chillow has a memory foam structure and is brilliant for cooling you down.
  4. Change your sleep ware. Goodnighties are a revolutionary new concept in sleepwear and use negative ion fabrics to improve temperature whilst sleeping. SlumberSlumber is the first stockists of this innovative sleepware outside of America.
  5. Adopt a special night time routine. Have a cold shower before bed, sleep alone and finally drink plenty of water during the day and one glass before you go to bed.

For further information and to check out SlumberSlumber’s full range of cooling products visit


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